Dream weddings on a dime: How brides find deals on their dresses and decor

Jump the Broom is the only Hendkaa Convertible Dress retailer in Minnesota. The dress comes in more than 30 different colors and can be styled to suit all body types.


“I swear you’ll be able to wear it again!”


“It’ll look great on everyone!”


“It’s not that expensive!”


How many times have bridesmaids heard these utterances from their brides? You want to support your friend, but sometimes the thought of buying another bridesmaid’s dress that you will never, ever wear again is enough to make you dread wedding season the happy occasion.


It’s not all sunshines, unicorns and lollipops for the bride either. She’s tasked with putting on a beautiful dress and a spectacular party without busting her budget.


Enter the mother-daughter team of Tamara O’Brien and Sarah Prihara to the rescue. The women run Jump the Broom Wedding Consignment in Red Wing, Minn. The store carries everything you might need for decorating and dressing for your wedding. Located in the back of Boxrud’s Resale and Gifts (417 Main Street) the store also carries prom, pageant, cocktail, mother of the bride/groom and flower girl dresses.


“Wedding consignment had been a dream of ours for a few years,” O’Brien (who also officiates ceremonies) says. “Red Wing is such a beautiful destination for weddings but there were very few options for wedding shopping.”


O’ Brien says about half to two-thirds of the dress inventory is new with tags, but that can change since their selection is changing all the time. However, O’Brien says most brides will only wear their wedding dress one time, so even the used dresses are like new plus they have all been cleaned.


“The extra savings is the number one reason to choose consignment,” O’Brien says. “For some brides there is a real appeal of getting a $5,000 dress for $1,000. It’s not like anyone will know a bride wore a previously worn dress. If anything she will be praised for being thrifty for an event that lasts for one day.”


Wedding decor is also available at about half the retail cost. It’s the type of decor that rarely has a use outside of a wedding or large party. (Who really needs 200 votive candle holders after you say “I do?”)


“We call it the ‘parts department’,” says O’Brien. “Our décor area is filled with vases, candle holders, baskets, jars, and lights. You’re free to create and experiment with different shapes and sizes until you have designed the perfect table centerpiece or ceremony backdrop.”  


When it comes to making hard to fit or body-conscious bridesmaids happy, Jump the Broom has a great solution. The store is the only Henkaa Convertible Dress retailer in the state of Minnesota. Henkaa Convertible Dress come in more than 30 colors and can be styled hundreds of different ways.


“After the dresses arrive in the store you can make an appointment to bring in all of your bridesmaids for a little after-hours dress party,” O’Brien explains “We play with the multitudes of ways to tie this dress to get the perfect fit for each girl.”


One bridesmaid might choose to wear the dress strapless, another with an empire waist and yet another with a criss cross halter pattern. But because they’re all in the same color they still look like a coordinated wedding party. There are no alterations needed, they’re machine washable and wrinkle resistant.


“You can wad this dress up in a suitcase after the wedding then take it out later without damaging it,” O’Brien says.  “You can definitely wear this dress again,” O’Brien says.


For those items, formal wear or decor, that you won’t use again Jump the Broom offers consignment. Leave the item with the store,  and when it sells you receive half the profits.


“If you used it for your wedding then there are other brides out there that will need or want it for their wedding,” O’Brien says says.


O’Brien and Prihara say since the store opened in November of 2016 they’ve enjoyed working together to make their dream a reality.  


We have different strengths, different work experience and different styles but we couldn’t do it without each other,” O’Brien says. “Our goal is to help every couple have a wedding they designed - to have their dream wedding and still be able to afford a honeymoon.


Find your dream wedding dresses and decor visit Jump the Broom Wedding Consignment 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays. Bring the girls from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays or 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays. Start browsing their selection now by visiting Jumpthebroomweddings.com or connect with Prihara or O'Brien at Facebook.com/jumpthebroom62/.