Namedroppers - 08/04/13

MSUM NEWS: Megan Quiring, child of Dale and Darcy Nordick, Moorhead, has been awarded a $500 Department of Art and Design Studio Art Upper Class Scholarship from Minnesota State University Moorhead. The award recognizes outstanding academic achie...

MSUM NEWS: Megan Quiring, child of Dale and Darcy Nordick, Moorhead, has been awarded a $500 Department of Art and Design Studio Art Upper Class Scholarship from Minnesota State University Moorhead. The award recognizes outstanding academic achievement, leadership and contributions to campus and community organizations.

MSCTC NEWS: Daniel Kennedy, Moorhead, has been awarded a scholarship from the Fergus Area College Foundation to attend the Fergus falls campus of Minnesota State Community and Technical College. The honor was based on academic achievement and contribution to educational community.

SCHOLARSHIP AND GRANTS: Shanley High School graduate Carolyn R. Mickelson has been awarded a $2,500 National Merit Scholarship funded by Concordia College. Mickelson was a finalist in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program with plans to attend Concordia College.

The Fine Arts Club recently awarded scholarship funds to the following groups and individuals: $200 to the Minnesota State University Moorhead Alumni Foundation/Straw Hat Players; $195 to Trollwood Performing Art School's ArtSpark program; four $50 scholarships to the FMCT; $100 to the Tin Roof Theater; $200 scholarship to Concordia College student Bridget Medbery; and a $400 scholarship to North Dakota State University student Dave Savageau.

4-H NEWS: The following 4-H members were named grand and reserve champions at this year's Clay County Fair (* denotes grand champion):


Demonstration: * Angie Bowen, Elizabeth Erickson.

Livestock Demonstration: * Kristin Harrington, Danetta Kratzke.

Performing Arts: * Lauren Korynta, Abigail Erickson.

Photography: * Ashley Jetvig, Danny Reichel.

Creative Arts/Crafts: * Shontel Smith, Marissa Femling.

Creative Arts/Fine Arts: * Katelyn Gross, Ashley Jetvig.

Exploring Animals: * Hannah Rehder, Lauren Korynta.

Animal Science/Dog: * Abigail Erickson, JaNae Femling.


Animal Science/Peg: * Naomi Jonason, Abigail Erickson.

Horse Related: * Breanna Brown, Annise Montplaisir.

Pet Show - Mammal Sr.: * Annie Vail.

Pet Show - Mammal Jr.: * Naomi Jonason.

Pet Showmanship: * Annie Vail, Eric Vancura.

Veterinary Science: * Annise Montplaisir, Annie Vail.

Needle Arts: * Elizabeth Aakre

Quilting: * Elizabeth Erickson, Alexis Sperr.


Home Environment: * Austen Norman, Abigail Dahl.

Child & Family Development: * Abigail Erickson, Hannah Kruize.

Consumer Education: * Peder Erickson.

Clothing & Textiles - Clothes You Make: * Kate Harrington, Kristin Harrington.

Clothing & Textiles - Clothes You Buy: * Kristin Harrington, Shontel Smith.

Best Clothes You Make: Kate Harrington, scissor award.

Food and Nutrition: * Elizabeth Erickson, Lily Crume.

Food Preservation: * Shontel Smith, Morgan Okke.


Food Review: *Elizabeth Erickson, Abigail Erickson.

Flower Gardening: * Shontel Smith, Will Bauer.

Fruit: * Terry Kreps.

Indoor Gardening: * Shontel Smith, Sydney Brusseau.

Vegetable Gardening: * Terry Kreps, Tessa Kirkey.

Lawn & Landscape Design: * Nathan Kruize.

Small Grains & Legumes - Soybeans: * Lindsey Lepper.

Small Grains & Legumes - Corn: * Gavin Jacobson.


Aerospace: * Kyle Gorman, Kyle Gorman.

Computer: * Rhett Zepper.

Shop/Wood Services: * Madison Lafayette, Dawson Sperr.

Robotics: * Rhett Zepper, Luke Tonsfeldt.

Shooting Sports: * Christopher Anderson, Lauren Korynta.

Geology: * Joshua Schmiess.

Fishing Sports: * Seth Gorman, Rachel Lewis.

Wildlife/Biology: * Rachel Schmiess, Joshua Schmiess.


Exploring the Environment: * Evan Dietrich.

Forest Resources: * Annie Vail.

Global Connections: * Rachel Schmiess, Olivia Nellermoe.

Citizenship: * Avery Biewer, Emerson Biewer.

Health: * Sarah Sanderson, Elizabeth Erickson.

Safety: * Evelyn Moe, Sydney Brusseau.

Youth Leadership: * Annise Montplaisir, Kate Harrington.

Self-Determined: * Marissa Femling, Annise Montplaisir.

High Point Rider: * Nicole Hustad, Logan Lewis.

Senior High Point Rider: * Nicole Hustad, Logan Lewis.

Intermediate High Point Rider: * Chandra Hustad, * Brooklyn Spencer, Morgan Okke, Bailley DeJong.

Junior High Point Rider: * Abby Lech, Katelyn Brown.

Senior High Point Pleasure: * Hannah Tollefsrud, Cassie Duran.

Intermediate High Point Pleasure: * Bailley DeJong, Cody Duran.

Junior High Point Pleasure: * Abby Lech, Blake Anderson.

Senior High Point Games: * Nicole Hustad, * Katelyn Nowak, Logan Alm.

Intermediate High Point Games: * Olivia Nellermoe, Breanna Brown.

Junior High Point Games: * Katelyn Brown, Abby Lech.

Market Pen Chicken: * Katrina Kratzke, Laura Bowen.

Chickens-Egg Production: * Terry Kreps, Hannah Dorff.

Breeding Pen Chicken: * Claire Rehder, Lindsey Lepper.

Market Pen Ducks: * Jorden Thune.

Breeding Pen Ducks: * Jorden Thune.

Breeding Poultry: * Jorden Thune, Claire Rehder.

Market Poultry: * Katrina Kratzke, Laura Bowen.

Egg Production: * Terry Kreps, Hannah Dorff.

Senior Poultry Showmanship: * Danetta Kratzke, Hannah Dorff.

Junior Poultry Showmanship: * Graham Abarr, Cooper Olsonawski.

Breeding Rabbit: * Logan Wenzel, Alexis Sperr.

Market Rabbit: * Logan Wenzel.

Senior Rabbit Showmanship: * Lindsey Lepper, Kristopher Olson.

Junior Rabbit Showmanship: * Logan Wenzel, Mariah Lewis.

Dairy Female: * Jeremiah Johnson, Lauren Korynta.

Senior Dairy Showmanship: * Jeremiah Johnson, Jenna Seifert.

Junior Dairy Showmanship: * Larissa Seifert.

Overall Dairy and Meat Goat: * Mason Norman, Logan Wenzel.

Goat Showmanship: * Mason Norman.

Gilt: * Jorden Thune, Kristin Harrington.

Market Gilt: * Bobbi Lewis, Connor Nosal.

Market Barrow: * Ellie Bauer, Kristin Harrington.

Senior Swine Showmanship: * Ellie Bauer, Elizabeth Ellefson.

Junior Swine Showmanship: * Cooper Olsonawski, Nathan Rehder.

Lamb Lead: * Kate Harrington, Ellie Bauer.

Ewe Lamb: * Trystin Lanigan, Kate Harrington.

Market Lamb: * Trystin Lanigan, Lily Crume.

Senior Sheep Showmanship: * Trystin Lanigan, Lily Crume.

Beef Heifer: Danetta Kratzke, Lily Crume.

Market Beef Steer: * Nathan Halverson, Taylor Nosal.

Senior Beef Showmanship: * Ann Halverson, Lily Crume.

Junior Beef Showmanship: * Tessa Herman, Katrina Kratzke.

PAGEANT NEWS: Tori Geston was named a top 10 finalist in America's Homecoming Queen Pageant recently held in Memphis. Geston, a Fargo North High School grad and future student at North Dakota State University, represented North Dakota at the event.

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