Namedroppers (July 28)

NDSU NEWS: Kristy Brandt, daughter of Ronald Brandt and Carol Brandt, Fargo, has been awarded a $2,000 Honor Award Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes high academic achievement.

NDSU NEWS: Kristy Brandt, daughter of Ronald Brandt and Carol Brandt, Fargo, has been awarded a $2,000 Honor Award Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes high academic achievement.

INTERNS AND PAGES: Peter Frei and Lauren Lyngstad of Fargo and Levi Bachmeier of West Fargo are interning this summer in the Washington, D.C., office of Sen. John Hoeven. Frei is a senior studying economics at Creighton University, Omaha, Neb.; Lyngstad is pursuing marketing and communication studies at Southern Methodist University, Dallas; and Bachmeier is a senior studying social studies education at Concordia University. As interns, they will work with the senator and his staff on legislative communication and administrative projects.

SCHOLARSHIP AND GRANTS: Greta Herschlip, daughter of Mark Herschlip and Pamela Sund Herschlip, has been awarded a Koch Foundation Scholarship. Recipients are dependents of current or former employees of Koch Industries or its subsidiaries. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, leadership and service.

Steven Schmidt has been awarded a Terracon Foundation Scholarship. He was eligible for the scholarship because his father, Roger Schmidt, is an employee of the company.

HIGH HONORS: Harshita Gaba of Fargo recently attended the 67th American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation in Washington, D.C. Two outstanding citizens, known as "senators," are selected at the 49 ALA Girls State sessions held across the country to represent their state. This premier leadership conference is designed to provide practical insight into the workings of government, to instill a sense of pride and loyalty in America and to create friendships and memories that last a lifetime.



The following 4-H members won Best in Show honors at the 2013 Red River Valley Fair:

Animal Science: Amber Hermanson, West Fargo, first; Joslin Forness, West Fargo, second.

Textiles Science: Anna Skarphol, Fargo, first; Bethany Teets, West Fargo, second.

Consumer & Family Science: Rachel Erickson, Fargo, first; Kaleen Krueger, second.

Drawing & Painting: Anna Truax, Erie, first; Rachel Phelps, Fargo, second.

Science, Engineering, Technology: Bryan Cramer, Amenia, first; Nathaniel Walden, Argusville, second.

Foods & Nutrition: Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, first; Grace Robinson, Fargo, second.


Leadership & Community: Austin Rust, Harwood, first; Lahni Stachler, Kindred, second.

Creative Arts: Bryan Cramer, Amenia, first; Owen Duncan, Fargo, second.

Fiber Arts: Mikayla Cramer, Amenia, first; Jenni Moore, Arthur, second.

Outdoor Education: Derek Phelps, Fargo, first; Laura Schirado, Argusville, second.

Photography: Alison Bugner, Davenport, first; Allison Eberhardt, Casselton, second.

The following members were named grand and reserve champions:

Healthy Lifestyle Education:

Bars: Samuel Radermacher, Wheatland, grand; Brooke Levos, Chaffee, reserve.


Cookies: Anna Skarphol, Fargo, grand; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, reserve.

Yeast Breads Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, grand; Thomas Robinson, Fargo, reserve.

Pies: Allison Eberhardt, Casselton, grand; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, Golden Clovers, reserve.

Cakes: Josie Mohror, Fargo, grand; Megan Badinger, Fargo, reserve.

Muffins: Dacotah Faught, Arthur, grand; Mariah McPhee, Wes Fargo, reserve.

Miscellaneous Foods/Displays: Grace Robinson, Fargo, grand; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, reserve.

Food Preservation: Jenni Moore, Arthur, grand; Sheyenne Freitag, Walcott, reserve.

Jams & Jellies: Mikayla Cramer, Amenia, grand; Avery Breiland, Harwood, reserve.

Health...It's Your Choice: Rachel Erickson, Fargo, grand.

Plant Science/Natural Resources:

Crop Production: Ean Grieger, Erie, grand; Peter Grieger, Erie, reserve.

Gardening: Mikayla Cramer, Amenia, grand; Dallas Frueh, Argusville, reserve.

Horticulture: Grace Robinson, Fargo, grand; Brianna Mohs, Horace, reserve.


12 & Under: Alison Bugner, Davenport, grand; Linnea Axtman, Fargo, reserve.

13 - 18: Allison Eberhardt, Casselton, grand; Arianna Alvarez, Kindred, reserve.

Clothing & Textiles:

Embellished Item: Katelyn Galde, Horace, grand; Emma Maddock, Davenport, reserve.

Sewn Home Accessory: Samuel Radermacher, Wheatland; Alison Bugner, Davenport, reserve.

Repurposed Item: Brianna Mohs, Horace, grand.

Garment/Sewn Personal or Home Accessory: Anna Skarphol, Fargo, grand; Anna Skarphol, Fargo, reserve.

Fiber Arts:

Embroidery/Cross Stitch: Alison Bugner, Davenport, grand; Jenni Moore, Arthur, reserve.

Crochet/Knitting: Pooja Chemiti, Fargo, grand; Aleigha Abner, Fargo, reserved.

Latchhook: Mikayla Cramer, Amenia, grand; Laura Simmons, Fargo, reserved.

Macrame: Jenni Moore, Arthur, grand.

Quilting for Fun: Bethany Teets, West Fargo, grand; Samuel Radermacher, Wheatland, reserve.

Creative Arts:

Arts Projects: Grace Fluge, Fargo, grand; Frank Jirik, Fargo, reserve.

Arranging Flowers: Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, grand; Rachel Phelps, Fargo, reserve.

Ceramics (Hand Built & Plasterware): Owen Duncan, Fargo, grand; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, reserve.

Ceramics (Clay & Plasterware): Alison Bugner, Davenport, grand; Bailey Schock, Kindred, reserve.

Drawing: Rachel Phelps, Fargo, grand; Abby Germundson, Fargo, reserve.

Painting: Anna Truax, Erie, grand; Isabetta Herrera Grant, West Fargo, reserve.

Glue Solution: Brianna Mohs, Horace, grand; Noelle Grant, Fargo, reserve.

Leathercraft: Elizabeth Myers, Moorhead, grand; Kiley Kvamme, Kindred, reserve.

Scrapbooking: Nishita Gaba, Fargo, grand; Brianna Mohs, Horace, reserve.

Metal Arts: Grace Fluge, Fargo, grand; Jenni Moore, Arthur, reserve.

Wood Arts: Bryan Cramer, Amenia, grand; Anakin Bruesch, Amenia, reserve.

Engineering, Science and Technology:

Aerospace: Jacob Lardy, West Fargo, grand; Cole Cummer, Mapleton, reserve.

Bicycle: Patrick Donegan, Harwood, grand; Theresa Klinnert, Kindred, reserve.

Electricity: Jorian Russiff, Harwood, grand; Mikayla Dodge, Davenport, reserve.

Small Engines: Ean Grieger, Erie, grand; Jorian Russiff, Harwood, reserve.

Technology (Computers, Geospatial, Robotics, Wind): Frank Jirik, Fargo, grand; Anakin Bruesch, Amenia, reserve.

Welding: Carlie Kieffer, Wheatland, grand; Blake Lindemann, Harwood, reserve.

12 & Under: Nathaniel Walden, Argusville, grand; Garrett Hubbard, Page, reserve.

13 - 18: Bryan Cramer, Amenia, grand; Bryan Cramer, Amenia, reserve.

Consumer & Family Science:

Child Development: Lydia Stevenson, Horace, reserve.

Home Environment (ages 8-12): Erica Stave, Casselton, grand; Brianna Maddock, Davenport, reserve.

Home Environment (ages 12-18): Mackenzie Ste Marie, Fargo, grand; Brittany Johnson, West Fargo, reserve.

Environment/Natural Sciences:

Entomology: Mariah McPhee, West Fargo, grand; Miro Herrera Grant, West Fargo, reserve.

Outdoor Education (Environment, Forestry, Outdoor Skills): Derek Phelps, Fargo, grand; Laura Schirado, Argusville, reserve.

Leadership & Community:

Leadership Development: Lahni Stachler, Kindred, grand; Julia Schneider, Casselton, reserve.

Do Your Own Thing: Austin Rust, Harwood, grand; Karl Swenson, Kindred, reserve.

Animal Science:

Veterinary Science, Apiary Science, Beef, Dairy, Goats, Horse, Sheep, Swine: Amber Hermanson, West Fargo, grand; Jalynn Nygaard, Argusville, reserve.

Pet, Cats, Dogs, Poultry, Rabbits: Joslin Forness, West Fargo, grand; Avery Breiland, Harwood, reserve.

Bread Dough Sculpture:

12 & Under: Morgan Haugen, Horace, first; Gracie Erickstad, Horace, second; Brianna Mohs, Horace, third.

13 & Over: Megan Badinger, Fargo, first; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, second.

Cake Decorating Contest:

12 & Under: Josie Mohror, Fargo, first; Rachel Erickson, Fargo, second; Grace Stanke, West Fargo, third.

13 & Over: Megan Badinger, Fargo, first; Emily Erickson, Fargo, second; Ryder Belgarde, Horace, third.

Duct Tape Contest:

12 & Under: Ellie Liedberg, Fargo, first; Grace Stanke, West Fargo, second; Katelyn Galde, Horace, third.

13 & Over: Mackenzie Hoffer, Fargo, first; Ryder Belgarde, Horace, second; Brittany Johnson, West Fargo, third.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

12 & Under: Gracie Erickstad, Horace, first; Anna Skarphol, Fargo, second; Morgan Haugen, Horace, third.

13 & Over: Amber Hermanson, West Fargo, first; Jenni Moore, Arthur, second; Megan Badinger, Fargo, third.

PAGEANT NEWS: Miss North Dakota International Taylor Wagner of Lisbon, N.D., is competing this weekend in the Miss International Pageant in Chicago. She is the daughter of Marsha and Brad Bittner and Chad and Sharie Wagner and a senior at North Dakota State University.

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