Man rescued from river water in Grand Forks

Teenager rescued from water in Grand Forks
Teenager rescued from water in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS — A man was rescued from the Red River just before midnight Monday, April 15.

Grand Forks Police responded to a call of someone in the water in the Lincoln Park area.

When they arrived on scene they could hear someone yelling for help, but could not find them.

Grand Forks Water Rescue were called to the scene and were able to find the man standing on a tree limb in the river.

The man was identified as 19-year-old Trevor Binstock of Grand Forks.

Binstock told police he decided to go kayaking because he wanted to see the river.

He said the river current pushed his kayak up against a cement building, which caused it to capsize.

Binstock was wearing a life jacket and was able to swim to a nearby tree.

He believes he had been on the tree for about 30 minutes before police showed up on scene.

Binstock was taken to Altru Hospital to be evaluated.

Grand Forks Police want to remind everyone to stay off the river during flooding to make sure you stay safe.