GRAND FORKS — Warmer weather tends to mean more crime, and Grand Forks police are again reminding drivers to lock their car doors after a spate of thefts from vehicles in the city.

Residents have reported medication, electronics and jewelry getting stolen from cars.

(There's an) increase in theft-from-vehicle reports," said Troy Vanyo with the Grand Forks Police Department. "There tend to be more people out and about on foot, so sometimes it's a crime of opportunity."

A common and avoidable mistake made by many who had their belongings stolen? They left their vehicle's doors unlocked.

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"Don't leave anything worth value in your vehicle,” Vanyo said. "Especially purses, wallets, money. We actually have firearms that are left in vehicles that are stolen."

Police say the crimes aren't confined to one neighborhood in Grand Forks and it's hard to predict when there might be a wave.

"Sometimes it'll be a handful in a week. Sometimes we'll get a rash of them," Vanyo said, though, during a busy time, the department receives about 10 calls a day for thefts from cars.

Some residents near downtown say they've left cars unlocked in the past but are considering otherwise now. On South 14th Street neighbors say they caught thieves red-handed in the middle of the night.

Thefts can be reported to the police on the City of Grand Forks website or called into the police non-emergency line at (701) 787-8000.