EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — Across East Grand Forks on Memorial Day, local military veterans found cards thanking them for their service to their county.

Arthur Bakken, an Army veteran who lives in Grand Forks, walked to his car outside of Rivers Cinema Monday to find a surprise.

"It was handwritten. And as we went through it there was a hundred dollar bill in it," said Bakken, who thinks the donor identified him by his veterans license plate.

He says he still doesn't know who left the card on his windshield but was "amazed and proud that some people still cared."

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Bakken served overseas in the U.S. Army in the 1960s and says he knows how some veterans can struggle.

"I think it's important for people to know that the ones that served come back home with more challenges than they realize. Converting from military to civilian life is a big deal," Bakken said.

"Makes you feel all warm inside that there are people that recognize what you do and care about it," said Bakken, who plans to donate the $100 bill to the Wounded Warrior Project.

A number of other veterans in East Grand Forks also say they received cards.

"I would say what you're doing is awesome. I'm proud of you. I can't thank you enough," Bakken said. "God bless you and your family."