WEST FARGO — A fifth grader from West Fargo has published a book with the hope of raising money to help families in an impoverished African country gain access to clean water.

Sawyer Anderson, 10, spent four months writing and illustrating the book "Water Works" after learning many families in the south-central African nation of Zambia have a difficult time getting access to clean water.

In the book, she tells the stories she heard from her dad about his trip to Zambia a few years ago and her journey to raise thousands of dollars to help bring quality water to the country.

So far, Anderson has raised $26,000, which equates to 10 new wells that could save 3,000 lives, according to the Water Works website.

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Each book is $9.99, and according to Anderson's parents, organizations like World Vision and Wellspring for the World are matching donations for every sale. Through the partnerships, the purchase of one book can raise $50 dollars, which they say could provide one person with access to clean water for life.

Anderson's book can be found on the Water Works website: https://waterworkssea.com/