1. King House mulls closing

The owners of downtown Fargo's King House Buffet are considering closing, saying business at the Chinese restaurant has declined since it was reported that health officials discovered caged pigeons in the basement.

"Some people still come, but not like before," said owner Bojin Chen, who told The Forum that he and his wife will see how business is over the next two months before deciding whether to keep the doors open.

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2. Pot advocates protest Sanford

Gerry Fairfield, a member of ND Cannabis Caucus, holds a sign Friday, June 14, outside of Sanford Health in Fargo. 
Meagan Deanne / The Forum
Gerry Fairfield, a member of ND Cannabis Caucus, holds a sign Friday, June 14, outside of Sanford Health in Fargo. Meagan Deanne / The Forum

Protesters took to the streets outside a Fargo clinic Friday afternoon, June 14, and were receiving plenty of honks by passing cars as they voiced their opinion that Sanford Health isn't helping in the situation to allow more patients to receive medical marijuana.

The group was led by eight-year Navy veteran Chris Howell of Fargo, who said the regional medical giant doesn't seem to be cooperating in offering medical marijuana as an option to patients who request it.

Howell, who is president of the Veterans for Safe Access to Cannabis in North Dakota, said it appears to be that administrators, rather than the doctors, are causing the problem for patients seeking certification.

Sanford said in a statement that it "does not endorse or oppose the use of medical marijuana."

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3. Trump pushes harder on tanker attack accusations

The Trump administration intensified its effort Friday to demonstrate Iran's culpability in a spate of damaging oil tanker attacks, as dueling accusations from Washington and Tehran heightened concerns about military conflict.

American officials said newly released intelligence, including a grainy video, illustrated Tehran's role in twin explosions Thursday that crippled Japanese- and Norwegian-owned ships in the Gulf of Oman.

But European nations appealed to all sides to de-escalate, as statements by the owner of one of the targeted ships appeared to challenge the U.S. account that Iranian naval boats had employed limpet mines.

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4. Enderlin brothers get D-I scholarships

It's not every day that a Class B town gets one Division I scholarship offer, let alone two.

But the Hurlburt brothers of Enderlin are not your average set of brothers. The soon-to-be sophomores at Enderlin High School announced on Twitter Friday they had received scholarship offers from the University of North Dakota.

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5. Big cats reported in West Fargo

A mountain lion. Photo by Eric Kilby / Flickr.
A mountain lion. Photo by Eric Kilby / Flickr.

Moorhead had its possible wolfdog. West Fargo has answered with big cats.

The West Fargo Police Department warned the public to exercise caution Friday after getting a report of a large cat and cub spotted near the Sheyenne River.

Officers investigated the area near the 2600 block of Rivers Bend Drive for about an hour and were not able to find any animals matching the description from the call. Police ask that anyone who spots the animals avoid approaching or harassing them and call 911 immediately.