WEST FARGO — An 8-year-old West Fargo boy has a message for everyone who rides a bike:

Wear a helmet.

Donte Bravecrow is recovering from serious injuries at Sanford Children's Hospital after being struck by an SUV while riding through a crosswalk near West Fargo's L.E. Berger Elementary School last week.

The driver was making a left turn through an intersection when he hit Bravecrow, who had stopped at a corner and then rode his bike in front of the vehicle, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol. After getting hit, Bravecrow and his bicycle were trapped underneath the vehicle.

Bravecrow's family said the crash left him with a skull fracture and a number of orthopedic injuries, but they breathed a sigh of relief Monday, June 17, when he was transferred to a standard hospital room after being kept in an intensive care unit since the crash. The boy continues to recover.

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"I thought the worst, I tell you that," said Donte's father, Ruebin Bravecrow.

On Monday, Ruebin showed Donte the bike helmet, which was left in pieces by the crash.

"This is your first time seeing it, isn't it?" Bravecrow said. "This is the part that you hit . . . (the blood is) from your mouth and your ear."

Bravecrow, who becomes emotional knowing life could have changed in a terrible way had his son not had the helmet on, said there is one big rule in the family — and Donte follows it.

"If they don't have their helmets on, then they're not riding their bike," he said.

Donte Bravecrow now has a new helmet to replace the one destroyed in the accident and said he hopes to get a bike once he is able to ride again later this summer.