We know there's plenty of air-kissing and mutual adoration in luvvie land.

But Charlize Theron has taken all that schmoozy schmaltz to a higher level - by literally kissing the backside of a Hollywood heroine.

The "Monster" Oscarwinner felt the need to pucker up at the Premiere Woman In Hollywood Event while paying tribute to movie veteran Shirley MacLaine.

Words were not enough for the blonde A-lister, so she stepped down from the stage to plant one on Shirley's bum.

Theron, who received an award herself during the evening's entertainment, blamed her hi-jinks on painkillers she was taking for a neck injury.

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Source: www.ananova.com

Sometimes, you can argue with success

A woman in the town of Zuelpich, Germany, set fire to her house as she tried to kill spiders in a garage with a can of hairspray and a cigarette lighter.

The home is now uninhabitable, said a police spokesman, who added, "The spiders are gone, though - that problem was solved."

Source: www.oregonlive.com/edge

That's a lot of lunch money

A Japanese man who repeatedly threatened a former classmate from elementary school and junior high school, allegedly extorting about 30 million yen (about $270,000) from him over 15 years, has been arrested, police said.

Mitsuro Komori, 38, was arrested on suspicion of blackmail. He has reportedly denied the allegations against him.

Investigators said Komori phoned a 37-year-old former classmate several times between August and September this year, and made him deposit a total of about 1.88 million yen into his account over 10 occasions. He allegedly spent the money at adult entertainment businesses.

Komori had reportedly started demanding that the victim loan him money about 15 years ago.

Source: mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp

Her second choice was a rabid bat

A student at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio has filed a complaint, alleging the school is violating her civil rights. The student asked the Justice Department to find the university in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The complaint centers on Sarah Sevick's service animal, which is a ferret. Sevick, 19, suffers from a variety of mental disorders and requires the animal to get through her day, much the same way a blind person needs a seeing-eye dog. Sevick's ferret, Lilly, is trained to help her cope with anxiety and panic attacks that can come on at any time.

Source: www.ksat.com

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