FARGO - Allegiant Airlines said its vice president of operations and safety director were the pilots on a flight that landed at the Fargo airport last week despite the restrictions in place to allow the Blue Angels to practice.

In a statement provided to WDAY, Allegiant says the information the pilots had at departure "indicated that the airport was open to receiving scheduled air service."

Flight 426 from Las Vegas ending up landing at Hector International Airport in Fargo at 1:02 p.m. with about 42 minutes of fuel remaining after declaring a fuel emergency, Allegiant says.

According to a recording of radio transmission between the Allegiant pilot and an air traffic controller in Fargo, the pilot wasn't aware the Fargo airspace was restricted.

Air traffic controllers here at one point told the Allegiant pilot there would be an opening for a landing in about 20 minutes.

"Yeah, I don't have 20 minutes," the pilot responded.

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The air traffic controller suggested landing at another nearby airport, but the pilot said the airplane didn't have enough fuel to do so.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, which make take as long as six months.