FARGO – Twelve flags rippled in the wind Thursday morning along Wheatland Pines Drive in south Fargo: some yellow, some green, some yellow-and-green striped, but all bearing the image of a Bison.


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"It was actually pretty easy to talk everybody into it," said 64-year-old Mike Leier, who has lived in one of the street's nine twinhomes for 12 years and helped organize the effort two weeks ago. "Everybody said 'yes' right away. I thought it wouldn't happen, but they were all for it."


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On less windy days, there are 15 North Dakota State University flags flying from the homes on this street, and the goal is to have 18, one at each residence, Leier said.


The idea started with Leier's neighbor, Ruth Anne Gallagher, 71, who was driving around south Fargo last year on the Fourth of July and saw just seven U.S. flags in about four miles.


"And I drove home crying," Gallagher recalled Thursday. "I was just so sad to think that we live in this wonderful country, and this is the patriotism we show."


Her plan was to ask her neighborhood to display the American flag on holidays, and she still hopes to do that, but Leier and another neighbor suggested starting with NDSU flags.


"Because we're big supporters of the Bison," Leier said.


Nathan Erstad, 56, has lived on the street for about eight years and thinks the effort has already done a lot for "our little half street."


"It brings neighbors together," he said. "They take a little bit of pride in the neighborhood. Maybe we start looking out for each other more, and as we get to know each together, it becomes a little more close-knit and friendly."


They plan to keep the flags up all season, and even Gallagher, who's never been interested in sports, is excited about the energy.


"It was just fun to see how our little community came together to do this," she said.


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