The pages of a newspaper hold their share of things that scare you, like brutal crime and war, or whatever Congress is doing (or not doing).

But for pure nightmare fuel, nothing can compare to Forum reporter Dave Olson’s account of an unexplained event from a family farm near Tappen, N.D., in 2006.

In September of that year Evan Briese, 16, woke in the wee hours of the morning to fetch a drink of water and caught a glimpse of something moving out in the family’s hog corral. Fearing it might be a coyote, Briese grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and investigated.

They weren’t coyotes, or at least any kind of earthly coyote we know of.

In the corral, Briese encountered “two creatures standing 8 or 9 feet tall that were doing something to the hogs,” Olson writes.

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Briese fired his gun and “was pretty sure he hit it, judging by the unearthly scream it emitted.” Another of the creatures reportedly grabbed the boy and threw him to the ground, tearing his shirt to shreds and knocking him out. When he came to, Briese saw that Ruthy, a 450-pound pregnant sow, was missing.

More details from the evening emerged when Briese underwent hypnosis and recalled five such beings in the corral, two of them dragging the body of what appeared to be a dead hog.

Briese shared his recalled depictions of the creatures – and their nightmare-inducing claws – with The Forum.

The story doesn’t end there. Tappen and the Briese family were the center of several stories of extraterrestrial intrigue from that year. You can read about those at Olson’s original story here (if you dare). The series of eerie events was also featured on “Coast to Coast AM” a few months after the story was published.