FARGO – The search for a city flag for Fargo is continuing, but now under the guidance of city staff.

An online vote held earlier this year by The Arts Partnership determined a top vote-getter, but not necessarily a runaway favorite to grace the city's flagpole.

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Dayna Del Val, executive director of The Arts Partnership, told the Arts and Culture Commission on Wednesday that a design submitted by a local Microsoft employee, Taylor Homoky, earned $250 for earning the most votes at 528.

In material provided to the commission, the top two-thirds of Homoky's flag is black, the bottom third appears to be light gray, with three light gray stars on the upper right side of the black field. Three tan vertical stripes run top to bottom on the left side.

Homoky got the cash, but there never was a promise that the design with the most votes would be sent to the City Commission for approval, said Del Val, who asked for direction from the arts commission and city staff on where the flag search should go next.

Arts commission member Michael Olsen urged that the process continue.

"It was a fun idea. There are thousands of cities around us that have flags ... I think it would be a cool thing," Olsen said. "There are some cool designs."

Dan Mahli, Fargo's community development administrator, said he will share the flag designs with the public relations office, which is now working on a city slogan.

Mahli said he may also try to get the submitted flag designs examined by design professionals. Hopefully, they can determine which design best matches the new city slogan, Mahli said.

The Arts Partnership contest originally had 78 flag designs. The 16 top vote-getters were presented to the arts commission for its review.