WEST FARGO – A tiny kitten - just 1.6 pounds - is recovering after he was found outside with his paws frozen to the ground.

Last Friday morning, someone found the 6-week-old kitten abandoned near a dump.

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Lisa Noyes, who works at Two Rivers Veterinary in West Fargo, took him when the woman who discovered the kitten couldn't get ahold of any animal shelters.

She was told he "looked like a little snowball with his eyes frozen open."

His sight is limited. Both eyes are damaged, and he may lose the right one.

Noyes named him Titan, but says if his eye has to be removed, she has picked out another strong name.

"'Paw'-lyphemus. It's a one-eyed Greek God. Granted, the eye is in the middle of the face."

The good news is Titan has come a long way in the week since he was found.

His paws have healed up, and besides the eye issues, they have high hopes for his health long-term.

"We've got our fingers crossed," says Noyes. "When they are that young, it's amazing how they can bounce back."

And the lucky kitten also has a new home.

Noyes – who lost three cats in the past year to old age – says after taking him in, she doesn't think she'll be able to let him go.

"I was not going to be getting any other cats. But you don't have to look, they just fall in your lap."

Teri-Lee James, a veterinarian at Two Rivers Veterinary, suspects Titan's eye issues are not from the cold, but from an infectious disease like feline herpes, which is common in strays.