Welcome to your news update for Tuesday, July 16.

Dead body found in Polk County

Police are expected to identify a man that was found dead in a field in East Grand Forks.

The body has been sent to the University of North Dakota Medical Examiner for identification and to determine a cause of death. A sergeant with the Grand Forks Police Department told WDAY News he believes the body is that of 55-year-old Fernando Balboa.

Balboa was reported missing over week ago. Family members said he had a liver problem and was recently diagnosed with cancer. He required medication every four hours for his illness, putting him in danger while he was missing.

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Investigators searched around the Red River in Grand Forks. They then reissued the search after the recent storms. The Polk County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation.

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North Dakotans react to Trump Twitter rant

North Dakota's members of Congress are responding to tweets from President Donald Trump many are calling racist.

The President targeted four congresswomen of color in those tweets over the weekend, including Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. He called for all four them to go back where they came from even though they are all American citizens.

In a statement, Senator Kevin Cramer defended the President, saying he does not think Trump is a racist and calling him an equal opportunity offender. He also called Democrats "ever-offended".

Meanwhile, Senator John Hoeven issued a statement that didn't directly criticize Trump, but created some distance. Hoeven said he wouldn't have said what the President tweeted. He also called for a focus on quote "policy and issues".

Representative Kelly Armstrong was the only member from North Dakota to directly criticize Trump. He said the comments were "mean spirited and factually inaccurate." He also said "it is just wrong to tell any U.S. citizen to go back where they came from."

Meanwhile, Trump is maintaining that his comments were not racist. In a press conference on Monday, he responded to the criticism, saying "it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me."

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