FARGO — A hole in the wall can sometimes reveal hidden treasure.

The hunt for the Northern Plains Coin in downtown Fargo led Scott Gedrose and his three sons, — Colten, 12, Caden, 11, and Carsen, 5 — to a literal hole in the wall on Thursday, July 18, in Roberts Alley.

“There was a hole in the wall, and I saw the coin in it,” Colten said. “I grabbed it out and was like, ‘Dad, is this the coin?’”

The Forum hides three coins — one for each day of the Downtown Fargo Street Fair — for treasure hunters to find. Each winner receives $500 worth of gold from Fargo's Northern Plains Coins that can be redeemed for cash.

Gedrose, who lives in Fargo, had looked for the coin in previous years.

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The brothers and their father got up at 4 a.m., before most places that sell newspapers were open. Once they found The Forum, the coin hunt started with a vague clue: Brick by brick this clue might make you shrink.

“First we were kind of looking around the bigger buildings,” Gedrose said, with his sons saying the buildings would make them feel small.

They took a break for food when it started to rain. Back on the trail, the Gedroses noticed large murals around downtown Fargo, Gedrose said.

The four were walking down Roberts Alley behind 300 Broadway when Colton noticed a brick wall with a mural of a wheat field. He looked into one of the old holes and found what many hoped to find.

The boys and dad plan to split up the money and go to the Twin Cities. Carsen said he would like to go swimming there.

“That far to go swimming?” his dad asked with a smile.

Before leaving, the boys said they would “see you tomorrow,” an indication they plan to look for the second coin on Friday, July 19.

Two more coins are to be found somewhere in downtown Fargo, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Like Thursday, a clue will appear in Friday's Forum newspaper hinting at where that day's coin may be.

The coin will be in a publicly accessible spot between the boundaries of Sixth Avenue North and Sixth Avenue South; the Red River to the east and 10th Street on the west, north of First Avenue South; and Seventh Street to the west.

Once a coin is found, bring it to The Forum, 101 5th St. N., by 5 p.m. The person who finds it will have his or her name published in The Forum, along with a photo and a story on how the coin was found. Northern Plains Coins, 2425 Main Ave., will then give the lucky person $500 worth of gold that the store will buy back, if desired.

If necessary, additional clues will be given each day at Inforum.com and during “AM Fargo-Moorhead with Mike Kapel,” a radio show that airs from 7-11 a.m. on WDAY AM 970. If a coin still is unclaimed, the final clue will be given on “The Jay Thomas Show” between 2 and 5 p.m. on AM 970. On Saturday, July 20, the second and third clues will be found online at Inforum.com.

Follow the Northern Plains Coin Hunt at @Inforum on Twitter and at Facebook.com/ InforumFM for the latest updates.