FARGO — A weekend of stunt planes and jet performances had a daring and patriotic introduction Saturday morning, July 21. WDAY News met up with the guys who launched the 2019 Fargo AirSho with a leap of faith.

Looking out the open hatch of their helicopter, thousands of feet above Hector International Airport, PRC Andrew Young and the rest of the Navy's Leap Frogs parachute team prepare to launch an exciting weekend of sky bound acts.

Young lept out, with red smoke shooting out of his foot. His teammate was there carrying the colors, a 1,500-square foot American flag. They started the dive by soaking in the panoramic view of the vast, flat landscape. As Young described, "You could see quite far. It was great."

Onlookers gazed at the smoke trail stunt routine. Planes were seen circling the two divers, as they create a dazzling path of colorful smoke in the empty sky. When they got closer to land, they proudly sailed the large American flag to the tune of the national anthem.

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"We had beautiful skies, great weather," Young said. "Wind's great out here."

Young has been doing this for more than 10 years. It's his dream job. He grew up at a landing pad and saw things like this every day. This East Coast guy is in Fargo for his second visit, and said he loves doing the event here.

"Fargo is above and beyond in hospitality," he said. "We go to a lot of great places across the country. But we chose to come back to Fargo just because the people are most genuine and we have a great time."

When people think of the Midwest, they usually don't think Navy. So the Fargo Airsho creates an opportunity bring it here.

"You know a lot of times, Navy is all coastal," Young explained. "So whenever you get to bring a little bit of the Navy inland, it's a good time."

After landing, he greeted fans, families and children by handing out stickers and shaking hands. It's their way of letting a weekend of stunts, World War II reenactments and loud engines take over the weekend.