FARGO – Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., said he would vote for Bernie Sanders if he attends the Democratic National Convention as a superdelegate.

Sanders was the favorite in Peterson's 7th District during the Minnesota Democratic caucuses on Tuesday, March 1.

"I'm voting my district," Peterson said. "I'm going to vote for Bernie."

Peterson would only get to cast his vote if he attends the national convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia. Although he rarely attends his party's national convention, he said he might this year. As a House member, he automatically becomes a superdelegate.

"If my vote makes a difference, I'll probably go," he said in a recent meeting with The Forum Editorial Board.

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Sanders, a senator from Vermont, has struck a chord with voters, especially younger voters, Peterson said. By coincidence, both Peterson and Sanders entered Congress in 1991.

"He's got something going," Peterson said of Sanders. "He's tapped into something."

Peterson chuckled at the prospect that he would be a delegate for the stridently liberal Sanders, given his voting record as a moderate, "Blue Dog" Democrat who sides with Republicans on some issues.

In fact, Peterson might get to rub elbows with Republicans during their national convention July 18-21 in Cleveland. Peterson's band, "The Second Amendment," might play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland during the GOP convention, he said.

"You've got to be against gun control to play in my band," Peterson said, explaining the name. Over the years, many of Peterson's band mates have been Republicans, including Joe Scarborough, who now hosts a political talk show on MSNBC.

If the gig works out-scheduling is still pending-Peterson, a guitar player and former accountant, will be able to say that's he's played at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.