FARGO — Thousands of people shop at the nearly 130-store West Acres Mall every day, and on the Monday following a weekend where two mass shootings left dozens dead, some shoppers say they have a heightened awareness of their surroundings.

"You never know who's around the corner or what could be happening," said Alexandria Davis. "It's kind of rough telling if you're going to be safe somewhere."

After shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left more than 30 dead, many shoppers were wondering the same thing: Could it also happen near home?

Tory Hjermstad from Warren, Minn., said with how often mass shootings seem to happen, he can't help but wonder.

"You hear them on the news every now and then," he said. "When's this stuff going to come around here?"

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Chris Heaton, the mall property director, said mall management feels that it is doing everything it can to be prepared for an active shooter scenario, though he didn't specifically say what measures are being taken, citing concerns over security.

Heaton said the mall has ramped up security over the last few years, is working closely with law enforcement and keeping up with training and technology.

"We feel like our staff is educated and knows what to do in a variety of situations," Heaton said. "Obviously the active shooter is (at) top of the mind right now."