BISMARCK -- Another case of Zika virus has been confirmed in a North Dakota resident, the third such instance of the mosquito-spread illness, the state Department of Health said.

Zika was found in a man who had traveled to Costa Rica. He was not hospitalized for the illness, the department said.

Earlier this year, a woman who recently traveled to Jamaica tested positive for the virus, and the first case found in the state was confirmed in April, when a pregnant woman who had traveled to Puerto Rico tested positive. The baby has since been born and did not have the rare neurological condition that causes babies to have smaller-than-normal heads and incomplete brain development.

The mosquitoes known to transmit the Zika virus have not been found in North Dakota, and the cases confirmed in the state have all been in people who have traveled to countries where the mosquito is found.

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The virus can be spread from a mother to her unborn child, through sex and through blood transfusions, the Health Department said.

Travelers should seek care if they develop illnesses like a sudden onset of fever, rash, red eyes, joint pain, muscle pain or headache within 14 days of returning from Zika-affected areas.

Men returning from those areas should abstain from sex or use condoms during all sexual activity, the Health Department advised.

All travelers should take steps to prevent mosquito bites during their trip and for three weeks after they return.