FARGO-Fargo police are letting the public know that if they see a suspicious clown motoring around the area, it's likely nothing to worry about.

Officer Jessica Schindeldecker sent this message over an online application called "Nextdoor," which alerts communities to things happening in their neighborhood.

"We have identified the driver dressed as a clown driving around town and have confirmed the individual works as a clown and is driving to and from events in full costume. Thank you for sharing your concerns and reporting suspicious activity."

She went on to say police would rather look into something and find it was nothing than to not know about it and later find out it was something to worry about.

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Elsewhere, someone at the Fargo Police Department posted this on the department's Twitter account:

"Can we all agree that dressing as a creepy clown, now, or for Halloween, is probably not the best idea?! #TooSoon #YoureSuspicious."

The report to Fargo police came in the wake of numerous reports of suspicious clowns in cities across the U.S., many of which were determined to be unfounded, according to numerous media reports.  

The clown sightings started around Greenville, S.C., in August when police began getting reports of clowns standing silently by roadsides, lurking near laundromats and trying to lure children into the woods with bags of cash and green laser lights, Reuters reported last month.

As of late last week, about a dozen people had been charged for making false reports or threats in connection with reports of “creepy” clown sightings, The New York Times reported.