THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN - It's a sign of the times and it's upsetting some local people, but it comes as no surprise to others.

People WDAZ-TV (Grand Forks) spoke with Tuesday say they’ll hopefully not be seeing other signs like this in our area. A political expert checked out the sign and says it likely didn't come from the official Trump Campaign, and might not even be in compliance with the law.

Thief River Falls is a small town with some big opinions.

The sign has gained mixed reactions from both Democratic and Republican voters.

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Some are adamant this is a simple expression of free speech.

Matt Brown:  "If that's your opinion, yes. Freedom of speech is supposed to be able to be our freedom of speech, and if that's how they feel so be it."

While others who are on Trump's side believe the language is too far.

"It's not appropriate. But if they put Hillary Clinton and then that word, then it would be suitable, in my opinion."

Political expert Bo Wood says the sign is an indicator that this election cycle is different, and in line with tactics we've seen from Trump.

Bo Wood, UND political science professor: “As the kind of voters that Trump is appealing to, one of the reasons that they like him is because of statements like this. Because he's a straight shooter and he says what they would say if they didn't feel restrained by political correctness.”

Professor Wood says there are federal rules regulating campaign signs in yards, and this could violate one or more of those rules.

He's not sure because he's never seen anything like this before.

WDAZ-TV reached out to Thief River Falls police, they said they haven't received any calls or complaints about the sign.