JAMESTOWN, N.D.-Rep. Kevin Cramer will continue to support Donald Trump in his bid for U.S. president after some Republicans withdrew their support for the presidential nominee.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Monday he would not defend Trump or campaign for him after a video was released with Trump bragging about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women in a 2005 conversation caught on a live microphone. Ryan said he will be putting his full energy into preserving Republican majorities in Congress.

Other Republicans have also withdrawn their support for Trump. Cramer, R-N.D., said he will continue to support Trump because he doesn't take his cue from other Republicans.

"I take my cue from North Dakotans," he said. "Donald Trump is a far better decision and will make a better president than Hillary Clinton for North Dakota. Far more Republicans have maintained support for him."

Cramer said Republicans who withdrew their support for Trump have to do what they feel is the best for the people who elect them.

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"What is best for the people who elected me is Donald Trump," he said.

Chase Iron Eyes, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House, said Cramer should "absolutely" withdraw his support for Trump.

"In order to save a little face with North Dakota's women population he should definitely withdraw his support," he said Wednesday. "It is kind of like Trump is the Titanic, and everybody else has already bailed off the ship and Cramer is hanging on."

Iron Eyes said Trump's comments in the 2005 video, which the Republican nominee referred to as "locker room talk," are dangerous to America's children.

"Our kids are watching this election," he said.

Cramer said Trump is better than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in national security, energy and tax policies and tightening the U.S. borders. Cramer said Democrats continue to support Clinton even after she lied to Congress and scrubbed her emails after she was subpoenaed.

"What I hope Trump can do going forward is lay some facts on the table," he said. "Let's talk about the future ... and what will make America great again."

He also said the question is whether Iron Eyes is still supporting Clinton.

"I'm not defending Hillary," Iron Eyes said via text message. "I'm not trying to hold onto anyone's coattails. I'm a leader in the tradition of North Dakota leaders who stand on their own."

Iron Eyes said he thinks Cramer is more interested in a cabinet position if Trump becomes president. Cramer has been helping Trump craft his energy policy. Meanwhile, Cramer said he is doing more than just helping Trump craft his energy policy and has represented the Republican nominee around the country at different events.

Jack Seaman, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House, said it doesn't surprise him that Cramer didn't withdraw his support for Trump.

"It would require Kevin to admit that he is wrong," he said. "That is something that Kevin doesn't admit to very often."

He said Trump's comments shouldn't surprise anyone and there may be more outrageous comments to come.

"How outrageous does it have to get for Cramer to withdraw his support and voters to look at Gary Johnson as a viable alternative to Donald Trump," he said.