Near Cooperstown, N.D. - Something remarkable happened in a farm field just outside Cooperstown, North Dakota Wednesday, Oct. 12. Local farmers interrupted their "own" combining to help the hungry in a big way.

Trinity Lutheran, with donations from Ag businesses and community members, have turned a donated chunk of land into a real "Mission Field."

"Are the bans wet from that little mist last night," said one farmer among volunteer farmers and members of Trinity Lutheran here.

"We are still going to fly even if it is a little wet, we are going to take them," said Todd Edland, church member.

Who climbed into their combines. Red And Green, to do mission work the rural way. Dropping their headers, starting the fall harvest, like no other in the region.

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"This fell in our lap and it is everything and more than we hoped it could be," said Edland.

After a land-owner gave the church 95-acres of land, the farmers in the church got one Gospel of an idea share the wealth with those without.

"Every dollar brought to the elevators will be for hunger," said Edland.

They turned this field, into a patchwork of giving.

"It turned into a big thing, nice to be a part of," said Grand Hedstrom, church member.

The church today thanked seed and fertilizer dealers who donated, farmers donated tractor, combine, and fuel. All to bring in the bounty.

And there may have been some diving intervention here, weather has been hit or miss this summer, heavy rains flooded out some fields, hail damaged others. All those prayers in the pews paid off.

"There has been quite a bit of hail around the area, none here, so that is good," said Hedstrom.

In the last 4 -years, Trinity has harvested enough corn and soybeans to donate over $135,000 to those who feed the hungry. Local and regional food shelves, and church related feeding programs globally.

"Not just a church thing, but a community based thing and people have bought into this," said Lundberg.

It all started with just dirt. seed, rain, sunshine. And a lesson from those who know the land well, who can add compassion, now, to their rural resume.

And with such good yields expected, the "Trinity Growers" could bring in another $40,000 from today's harvest. More information on how your church can help with a project like this click here.