WEST FARGO-Leaking hot sauce and soy sauce combined with cleaning materials to create a suspicious goop that caused some tense moments early Friday, Oct. 14, at a U.S. Postal Service sorting facility in West Fargo.

Emergency crews were called to the building in the 1900 block of Fourth Avenue Northwest about 1 a.m. after workers noticed fumes and identified packages that appeared to be leaking substances, said Dell Sprecher, West Fargo's fire marshal.

The Fargo Fire Department's hazardous materials team was called in along with the state's Southeast Regional Emergency Response Team.

It was determined that the packages were leaking hot sauce and soy sauce, and the liquids had combined with residue of a cleaning agent used on a conveyer belt to form a smelly goo, Sprecher said.

He said no one was injured and no major damage was done.

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