FARGO – A pair of plucky kittens may have cashed in one of their nine lives after narrowly escaping a fire near here Oct. 15.

The kittens, since named Pyro and Manni, were rescued from a controlled burn near Grandin, N.D., about 35 miles northwest of Fargo, and have been recuperating with help from Cats Cradle Shelter.

It was touch and go for the pair for a while. A photographer had stopped by the burn to take a photo when he noticed two kittens near it, according to the Fargo cat shelter’s Facebook page. He helped them out and brought them to Cats Cradle, who then took them to an emergency clinic.

Pyro suffered burns along with singed fur and whiskers. Her paws required bandages. Manni had no outward injuries, but was in worse shape due to smoke inhalation. Both of them spent time in an incubated oxygen chamber, the Facebook page says.

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The cats took a turn for the better the next day. By Wednesday, Oct. 19, the kittens were on the road to recovery and built up a growing base of support on Cats Cradle’s Facebook page.

“Poor babies. My heart- it breaks every time I see these babes,” one commenter said on Facebook. “So happy they are healing up.”

The next step for Manni and Pyro? Finding a forever home. The shelter wants to keep them together, Cats Cradle Executive Director Gail Adams-Ventzle told The Huffington Post on Sunday.

“They’ve been through so much together,” Adams-Ventle said.