MAKOTI, N.D.-Sky-high flames and colossal walls of smoke didn't bother North Dakota's John "The Flying Farmer" Smith.

Sunday afternoon, the legendary stuntman successfully cleared a burning trailer while skillfully overcoming a severe lack of visibility.

Numerous spectators watched and celebrated with the Plaza resident after he achieved his latest milestone near Makoti.

"The Flying Farmer is back!" Smith said.

Smith reported minor soreness but was all smiles from start to finish.

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"I haven't done this for 13 years and the last time I did this I got pretty banged up," Smith said. "I'm not very young anymore, things got tense but I guess I still got things figured out."

Greeted by towering stacks of black smoke, Smith quickly devised a plan to overcome the blinding clouds that stood before him.

With a toot of his horn, Smith delighted crowds before aligning his 1982 Chevrolet Caprice with the high-rising ramp.

As numerous spectators awaited Smith's latest stunt, the dynamic daredevil looked to sky and watched for his cue.

"I was wondering how I would hit the ramp right and at what speed would I be able to see it in time," Smith said. "Well, luck would have it that the wind switched just a little and the smoke cleared just enough from the ramp slide. At that moment, I had a clear shot at the ramp and I took off."

With his foot smashed against the gas and his eyes focused on the ascending flames, Smith's Chevy Caprice charged ahead at a whopping 70 mph.

In an instant, Smith and his classic car vanished from plain sight and became one with the fiery blaze.

"I was way up there," Smith said. "I remember going just over 70 mph but I really wanted to reach 80 mph."

Another challenge that Smith faced was the unique angle presented by his ramp.

"I wasn't sure how the car would react," Smith said. "I'm glad everything worked out just perfect."

After disappearing into a thick wall of smoke, Smith and his red Caprice emerged from the fire and soared over the raging flames provided by the trailer below.

When Smith and his stunt car plunged to the landing spot, spectators erupted with tremendous cheer.

"The crowd was very happy and enthusiastic," Smith said. "People were honking their horns and everyone seemed to really enjoy the jump."