FARGO - Nine-year-old Josiah Shaffer had been saving his money for a full year, earning 25 cents per chore so he could buy his very own Xbox, but when he had enough money, he changed his mind.

He heard about the well ministry project from a friend, learning that for the price of an Xbox, he could build a well for an entire Indian village, providing clean water to 3,000 people for ten years.

"It's kind of a thing that we all need to do. That we all should do. We need to give back to others who can't help themselves," Shaffer said.

"What's the point of one person being happy when 3,000 people can be happy," he added.

Josiah chose the well over his Xbox.

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"He had to swallow a few times and I think there was a few tears shed without getting that Xbox," said Sue Shaffer, Josiah's Mom.

He says it's a decision he'd make over again.

"I could probably be happy for maybe an hour a day, or so, when they could be happy for ten years," said Josiah.

Thursday, we invited Josiah to take a tour of our station, he checked out weather, studio control, radio, the anchor desk and it ended with a surprise.

"It's the Minecraft one yes!"

A man also named Josiah Shaffer, living in Ohio, found the Fargo Josiah's story online.

"Josiah Shaffer, giving water to the village is a big deal. You're a hero," said Josiah, reading the leader from the Ohio Josiah.

He contacted our station, wanting to give the boy an Xbox.

It was an emotional experience for Josiah's parents.

"He has a giving heart. Whoever it is out there, another Josiah Shaffer," said Sue.

They say their son teaches them a lot about generosity.

"It comes full circle, it comes back to you," said Sue.

"He sacrificed and it came back to him. That was just a great ending to just a great story," said Brad Shaffer, Josiah's Dad.

Josiah says each time he picks up his new Xbox controller, he'll be reminded of the importance of giving."

"It's really amazing how one person can make a big difference," said Josiah.

If you would like more information on the well ministry project, you can email; amistadworldwide@gmail.com.