FARGO - There is a new manufacturer in Fargo, and its success is coming from reclaiming old, abandoned grain elevators and warehouses around our region.


Those buildings can be found in sleepy, quiet towns. But instead of demolishing the elevators and hauling the wood to the landfill, Dakota Timber has found a home for it: Your house.


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Inside the new Dakota Timber plant, there is the smell of sawdust and pine, but not from freshly cut trees.


These hefty timbers come straight from lonely grain elevators that dot our prairies.


"Every piece is unique," said Jack Hodorff of Dakota Timber. "It's one of those things that no matter how hard you try to duplicate it, you really can't."


Thursday, Jack Hodorff and his co-workers at Dakota Timber turned beams into flooring, paneling and mantels for homes across the region.


This is Seth Carlson's dream company. He changed the name to Dakota Timber from its original, ICSS, for obvious reasons.


Now, a new home and more equipment is helping fulfill a goal of repurposing rather than throwing away.

"The main reason I love being in reclaimed wood manufacturing is that I can put out a huge volume of product into our community, and being able to give people a sustainable alternative when they are building or remodeling their homes," said Carlson.


Home builder companies in town checked out Dakota Timber's new home at an open house Thursday, seeing that you can hang on to the past by taking the wood our first settlers used to build this region and make it in the place you now live in.


By summer, Dakota Timber is expected to have 12 to 15 people working there.