FARGO - Cyber security experts on the campus of North Dakota State University, are taking aim at the fastest-growing crime in America: identity theft.

It's a problem we're hearing about all the time our online information being compromised.

"If you're doing any kind of activity online, it can affect you personally. It can affect you as a business, it can affect you as an employee," said Marc Wallman, vice president of IT.

Which is what the men and women at NDSU's Cyber Security Conference are trying to stop.

"We're trying to make sure businesses run smoothly and aren't messed up by anyone with bad intentions," said Wallman.

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In 2016 there were more than1,000 data breaches in our country.

An increase of over 40 percent affecting millions of records and people, and that number only seems to be growing.

"Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the country," said keynote speaker Kris Evans.

In fact, for the 17th year in a row, identify theft has been the top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

"Thirty-two percent of data breaches are just from human error," said Evans.

Which means your information can be easily protected, by simply taking a few proactive steps like setting up email notifications every time one of your accounts is logged on from a new location, not clicking on links for "too good to be true" offers, and reporting any suspicious activity.

"Most of those could be stopped with just some basic education," said Evans, "This whole conference is not just what we do to try and protect this, but , more importantly it's why we're doing it."

And that reason why are the people behind the technology.

"Often we talk about how we can protect data and things, but at the end of the day it should be, how do we protect people?" said Chris Laping, keynote speaker.

This is the third year of the conference, and the second year it's been sold out.