MOORHEAD-Fargo and Moorhead have announced the official start dates for single-sort recycling in their cities.

"Starting this summer, recycling across the metro will be easier than ever before," said Steve Moore of Moorhead Public Works. "Even my 6-year-old daughter can recycle. So I lay that challenge out."

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday, April 17, Fargo and Moorhead announced when single-sort recycling will make its official debut.

Residents in both cities will get their recycle bins between June 6 and 16, and the start date July 3.

All recyclables can go into the blue 96-gallon bins.

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In Moorhead, 5,500 apartments will also receive recycling dumpsters.

City leaders say recycling will reach 50 percent more customers after the change.

There is one thing the cities stress: blue bins are for recycling. For garbage, it's brown bins in Moorhead and black bins in Fargo.

Pick-up days will stay the same.

In Fargo it will cost $3 a month for recycling and in Moorhead it'll be $3.59 a month.