MOORHEAD-Mike Fisher is used to customers showing up at his liquor store on Sundays. The owner of Cormorant Bottle Shop in Pelican Rapids is usually there cleaning and doing bookwork.

"People are always coming to the doors and I can't sell to them," Fisher said.

The store's previous owner told him the last time Independence Day fell on a Sunday, in 2010, about 500 cars streamed in and out of the parking lot with people mistakenly thinking they could buy a few cold ones.

This Fourth of July weekend, people can buy beer, wine and liquor on Sunday for their holiday celebrations in Minnesota, as the state's ban on Sunday off-sale comes to an end.

Like many liquor stores, Cormorant Bottle Shop will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays, starting July 2.

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"I think it'll be good here in lakes country," Fisher said.

Evan Christie, manager at Bridgeview Liquors in south Moorhead, thinks it will be good for sales there as well. He's betting Minnesota residents who typically go over to Fargo liquor stores on Sundays will shop in Moorhead instead.

"Being here in a border town, it was a pretty easy decision for us," Christie said.

State lawmakers voted in March to allow Sunday liquor store sales, marking a first in Minnesota history.

Both privately owned and city-owned stores are diving into Sunday sales on the biggest alcohol-selling holiday weekend of the year in Minnesota.

Steve Larsen, general manager of Seven Sisters Spirits in Detroit Lakes, said the store is fully stocked for its first Sunday opening and the Fourth.

"It's our busiest week of the year, even compared to WE Fest," he said.

Larsen said he'll have extra staff on hand and that most are more than willing to pick up a few additional hours.

The same is true at Lakes Liquor, a store owned and operated by the city of Detroit Lakes, which will also be open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

While manager Randy Buhr anticipates brisk business, he's not exactly sure what to expect.

"We want to have good service to the customer, so we staffed heavy," Buhr said.

Lakes Liquor is one of the most successful city-owned liquor stores in the state.

According to the Minnesota Auditor's Office, there were 226 municipal liquor stores in the state in 2015.

Of those, the Detroit Lakes-owned store ranked 18th with a 12.5 percent net profit. Ranked No. 1 was the Roseau-owned store in northern Minnesota with a 17.3 percent net profit.

The Detroit Lakes store was ninth in the state in gross sales at $6 million, topped only by municipally owned stores in the Twin Cities metro.

Whether Sunday sales will ultimately boost the bottom line for stores, or simply spread out business, remains to be seen.

"Will it affect our Saturday or Monday sales? That will need some careful analysis," Larsen said.

Fisher is pretty confident it'll be worth it. He said his coolers are running anyway and he's already paying for electricity and property taxes, so another seven hours worth of wages on Sundays isn't a big deal.

"If I sell any amount of alcohol, it will cover that," he said.