Police search for man accused of using counterfeit bills at UND hockey game

GRAND FORKS - Police say a man was at the Ralph Engelstad Arena when he used a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill at a UND hockey game.


It's a rare occurrence that has them taking to social media to catch the culprit, but did the man know what he did wrong?


"Anywhere from 11 to 12,000 fans there enjoying a college hockey game,” said Lt. Danny Weigel of the UND Police Department.


Where business is booming.


But the sea of people is making it hard to catch a crook.


"It was discovered that night that the hundred dollar bill was fake. So they immediately contacted us,” said Weigel.


A call for funny money at a third-party food vendor leads to a search for one man.

Police say they're trying to figure out if he even knew the bill wasn't real.


"At times people don't even understand or even know that they have a fake 20 dollar bill or a fake 100 dollar bill,” said Weigel.


In our area, counterfeit bills pop up only a few times a year.


With more games scheduled this weekend--police are attempting to use social media to track down the culprit...but it's not working out like it usually does.


"Once we put an image out there it seems people are very engaged around the community and they see that and they share it and we've gotten messages within 15, 20 minutes,” said Weigel.


It's been 5 days now, and the leads haven't panned out.


In the meantime, they're urging businesses to check for fakes.


Anyone who knowingly tries to use a counterfeit bill could face a year in jail.