Based on the past three decades, the average final 32 degree temperature of spring in Fargo Moorhead is May 12. This date in no way represents when the last frost usually occurs nor does it suggest when it "should" occur. In fact, there is a wide range of final frost dates stretching from April 17, 2007, to June 20, 1969. Even in the past ten springs, the final 32 degree temperature has varied from April 26, 2012, to May 27, 2008. So statistics are not of much help.

The weather pattern suggests warmer weather this week into next week and there is a fair chance we have had our last frost until fall. But there just is no way to tell if a clear, calm, chilly night will sneak in over the next few weeks. There were a few isolated spots of damaging frost last summer the morning of June 18.

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