ARTHUR N.D.-A popular gathering place may soon be up and running again.

Arthur's Barn, a decades-old dancing hall, burned down last October in an accidental electrical fire.

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After months of work, slowly but surely, the mission to rebuild is making progress, with many people devoting their time to restoring it.

It was 70 years of history that went up in flames.

"There was no saving the barn after that started on fire, that went real fast," says Owner Delon Kahoon.

10 months have passed, and a new barn is beginning to take shape. It's with the helping hands of those holding cherished memories of the old barn, that makes rebuilding possible.

Kahoon has owned the barn since 2015. He knows this isn't just 'any barn'; people are attached to it, and there's there's a legacy that goes with it.

"There's a lot of friendships that are made here and we've met so many many nice young people here," Kahoon says.

Deciding to rebuild, he didn't have to look far for help. Many family members, friends and people who just loved going there, are donating money and lending a hand.

People like, Corey Fischer, who works as a dispatcher for F-M Ambulance.

"I came about every time I could, maybe once a year I would miss out," Corey Fischer says.

After work, he stops by to do what he can, much like several others.

"I heard that they needed volunteers on Facebook, saying they could use some help," Fischer says. "I wanted to do my part and get it up as soon as we can."

Kahoon admits the original barn, can't be replaced.

"It'll never be what it was," Kahoon says.

This time, it'll have one floor instead of two, and they'll be much more room for dancing.

But it's not all about the building.

"I want to get it set up so it's kind of got the same atmosphere, same feeling when you come into it," says Kahoon.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they hope, so too, will the new barn, with new memories.

"It's been a legacy, I hope to be able to tell my kids someday about this place," Fischer says. "It's been around for (nearly) 70 years, it would be great to see another 70 years out of it."

Kahoon hopes to host a barn dance on October 25th, which is the anniversary of the fire.

By winter, he expects to have the barn covered, and also says realistically, it may be close to a year before the barn is completely back in business.