FARGO - Only memories and a few boxes are left in the hallways of the old Fargo City Hall.

All departments finished moving into their new home last week.

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WDAY spoke to the city engineer Brenda Derrig about that transition, she says the hardest part wasn't moving into the new place, it was going back to pick things up.

"Once you come here and then you go back, it's hard to go back. It's very musty smelling and dusty, and it's just an old building," City of Fargo Engineer Brenda Derrig said.

City departments first moved into the building in the early 70s, and it hasn't been updated since.

Employees say there was little insulation in the walls, some windows wouldn't open. And over the last year, they kept track of how many mice they caught.


It's quirks like these that make saying goodbye easy.

"I mean other than the memories, I don't think there's anything we're going to miss from that old building,"  Derrig said.

The old City Hall demolition is expected to start in three weeks, around October 15th.

When it's done part of the lot will be turned into a parking lot for the new City Hall.

It's a process that's expected to cost about $795,000.

But before that happens about a dozen non-profits will be allowed in next week to salvage things like desks, chairs, and shelves.

There's still a lot of work to get done before everything is officially finished, but the architect Terry Stroh says we're coming to the end game of the project.

And for him, saying goodbye to the people who've worked on it for years is the sad part.

"Nobody was ever trying to point fingers, it was just - what can we do to solve these problems? I even told my wife I'm gonna be bummed when it's over," Architect Terry Stroh said.

It's still unclear what's going to be done with the Civic Center, they're still deciding whether or not they're going to renovate it or tear it down and start over.

In a few weeks, the new city hall will be open to the public.

Tours will be given during the last week of October.