MOORHEAD — The search continues for a car that rolled into the Red River and floated downstream before becoming submerged in the water, Thursday, Sept. 20

Crews were called near the North Dam after a driver was distracted by their dog and got out of the car without putting it in park. The empty car rolled into the river, floated away and sank.

Pete Fendt with Valley Water Rescue said he heard the commotion about the car over the police scanner and was waiting for the call to send his team, but it never came.

"If it was a crime that was committed, or if there was a victim in the water, it would be no doubt our team would be involved," he said.

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Now, it's just a matter of how or if they'll get it out, he said.

"There are some odd holes in this river," Fendt explained. "The problem is, if the car gets into one of those holes, the sonar might skip over it."

The car rolled into the river right near the North Dam and water rescue officials said the current took it a quarter-miled down river. An eye witness followed the car down the river near Trefoil Park in Moorhead, where they watched the car submerge under the murky waters.

With the oil and gas inside a car, the submerged vehicle is considered an environmental hazard, Fendt said.

"We know that it has to be removed," he said. "(But) the question is how it's going to be removed and who's responsible for it."

Officials know it could be a challenge. A couple years ago, they had another empty car go into the river in the same spot, but it was never found.

We're still waiting to hear from Moorhead Police about what the next step will be to get the car out of the river.