FARGO — Some call the bird a nuisance. Many morning drivers along 13th Avenue South have to dodge and brake to avoid it.

But one driver has had the most unique encounter of all.

Matt Chaussee drives the route nearly every day, but recently, the morning commute got weird in a hurry.

"It was the most bizarre thing, the past couple of weeks," he explains. "Every time we drove by him, his head would perk up and he would kind of chase the car a little bit and this happened every morning when I was taking my daughter to day care."

"Roger" the turkey is a fixture on busy 13th Avenue near Carl Ben Eielson Middle School who has a habit of stopping traffic on the thoroughfare. The Fargo Police Department says it gets calls because of the bird's frequent trips across the street.

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Some see Roger as a problem, but Chaussee's 4-year-old daughter is a huge fan.

"She was just excited every time we saw him," he said. "She calls him her turkey friend."

Chaussee says recently the turkey has become obsessed with him and his car, which is covered with a multi-colored wrap to promote his virtual reality business called Be More Colorful.

"He saw me and he just bolted. (He was) running with me along 13th, so I pulled off because I didn't want traffic to get disrupted," he explained. "It has got to be something with the color. We've had people saying that maybe (the car) looks like a peacock."

Chaussee describes the turkey as relentless.

"He spent a good 10 minutes just walking around the car, inspecting it."

And when a Fargo Police Community Resource officer showed up, he says things got even more interesting.

"Initially, we tried to catch the turkey. I had a blanket and she had a net, (but) they are fast (and) we were not successful," he remembers. "At one point, he flew on top of the car and was standing there."

After failed attempts to catch Roger, Chaussee and Fargo police slowly drove east several blocks toward Lindenwood Park. The turkey trotted the entire way next to the car.

"I would stop at the stop signs and the turkey would stop with me. The traffic would pass and laugh hysterically as they see this turkey next to me," Chaussee said. "As we got going again, he just picked right back up and followed us."

Chaussee even communicated with the bird, trying to coax him along with words of encouragement.

"Come on buddy," he can be heard saying to Roger in a video of the peculiar incident.

The athletic turkey followed Chaussee's car from 13th Avenue to Lindenwood Park and it's believed he is still here. With Thanksgiving just weeks away, he now has a story of a turkey that for a moment was his friend.

"(It was) the strangest thing," he said. "It was like we are kindred spirits. It's just bizarre."