GRAND FORKS — An Iraq War veteran in the North Dakota National Guard is searching for the owner of a POW-MIA ring found about a month ago at a rest stop along Interstate 94 just outside of Bismarck.

Mike Yem first came upon the ring when he was heading out to the Badlands to go hunting with his friend when their pickup truck broke down about 5 miles from the state's capital city.

"I opened up the door, saw (the ring) on the ground, picked it up (and) threw it into the center console," Yem said. "It ended up in my pickup (and) got buried by some stuff."

When Mike's wife Megan was cleaning his truck a few days ago, she found it again.

Mike Yem found this POW-MIA ring at a rest stop on Interstate 94 outside Bismarck. WDAY photo
Mike Yem found this POW-MIA ring at a rest stop on Interstate 94 outside Bismarck. WDAY photo

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The ring appears to be a size 11 or 12 and is shaped like a class or championship ring that has an eagle over a POW-MIA flag. The couple has also learned it may have been manufactured by the Bradford Exchange. The inside of the band bears the initials BGE along with an inscription that reads: "Freedom has always been worth fighting for."

"If it's a POW-MIA type deal it's probably got a lot deeper meaning to the individual, whether they were a prisoner of war or possibly had a family member, relative, (or) friends," Yem said.

It's also something close to the Yems as they are both members of the North Dakota National Guard.

"When I see POW-MIA I think World War II, Vietnam," Yem said. "My grandfather fought in World War II, my dad was in Vietnam, (and) I served in Iraq."

Hoping to put the ring back on the finger of the person who it belongs to and learn the story that goes with it, Mike and Megan Yem ask anyone who might know who the ring's owner is to contact them through their Facebook pages.

"A person just does not buy a ring like this, it's not a fashion statement, anything that is in this realm has meaning," Mike Yem said.