FARGO — Plants for Patients (P4P) will be holding a “Rake in the Rent” fundraiser from 7 to 9:30 p.m. tonight, Nov. 22 in Stoker’s Lounge at the Hotel Donaldson, 101 Broadway N.

The goal is to raise enough to pay for P4P's 2020 rent. The event includes food, drinks, a raffle and live music by Jon Walters.

The mission of P4P is to support the emotional and physical healing of women who have had an abortion at the Red River Women’s Clinic by giving each a handmade ceramic planter, small plant and handwritten note of support.

The organization focuses on compassion for those going through a difficult time.

To support the mission, the organization needs a centralized location to facilitate the volunteers’ work and a place to store plants, pots, cards and the merchandise to raise funds for the small nonprofit.