FARGO — Thanksgiving is only a few days away, which means people are starting to think about hitting the road for the holidays.

But with questionable weather and road conditions, be prepared for every possible travel snag.

On Monday, Nov. 25, roads in the area were mostly clear and smooth, but conditions can change on a dime. Often midwest travelers have experienced this phenomenon.

"Last winter, there were probably a couple of times where I put myself in the ditch," said Noah Brush of Moorhead. "Luckily enough, I have really good friends who were able to pull me out, so I wasn't out there longer than 45 minutes."

During this winter, Brush and others are stocked with winter survival kits including basic necessities, in case they slide off the road again.

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"A couple of blankets for the kids, our winter gear, some snacks, and something to make a fire if we had to," said Angela Badar of Moorhead, listing off what she has in her trunk.

Brush said he has his kit on standby, but when a big snowfall hits he will put the kit into his truck.

Things in a typical kit can help throughout this winter, but if you're traveling as a family during the holidays, Don Martin of Fargo-Moorhead Ambulance suggests considering adding items.

"They're talking about chocolate morsels and stuff like that to help with energy, " he said. "Be sure its enough to share; you can break apart and share with everybody in the car," he said.

Martin said the weather is the biggest wild card, especially when traveling across the state.

He said the best way to deal with that is to monitor the weather in any way possible, whether it's with a cell phone, computer, radio or television.

Although, he does suggest if the weather is too uncertain. This may be enough to stay home this season.

"Everybody wants to be with their family members on the holidays, but it's best to be safe," Martin said. "So if you need to, stay home and be around with your loved ones so you can cherish the next holiday."