GRAND FORKS — Lola Moore, 61, moved to Grand Forks three years ago to live with her son, Salamah Pendleton, so she no longer had to live alone in Iowa. He had moved to the city 20 years ago to be with his pregnant girlfriend.

Now, the family is trying to wrap their heads around an event that has ripped two families and a community apart.

"So surreal that this is happening," said Lola Moore's daughter, Marlonya Moore.

A family dealing with the tragic loss of the woman known as Lola Gwen, the woman who raised five children as a single mother, is now trying to understand why she is gone.

"She had everybody laughing, cooking all the time," said Lola's son, Moriando Moore. "The structure and the discipline. The drive and the love I have for my children is the love I display for my children today."

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"It's hard to know what is going on in his head," Marlonya said. "My brother had the money, so that is why this is freaking everybody out. He wasn't broke, He had the money to pay the rent."

The family of Lola Moore said she probably had no clue the police were there to evict them Wednesday. They said Salamah often had radical views about the government and religion, and that they became very concerned about his mental health when he came home on Mother's Day Weekend.

"He was talking crazy, COVID-19 had amped him up," Marlonya said.

She does not believe her brother meant to kill his mother. Moriando said that they are still trying to figure out what happened, but they are not getting many details.

The family is grieving for the loss of Lola Gwen and praying for the family of Grand Forks Police officer Cody Holte.

"(I am) so hurt and upset that he did this and caused this," Morlonya said. "I am very sorry to the police officer's family."