ROCHESTER — A calm Saturday morning decorating for Christmas took an unexpected turn when a hot air balloon landed in Jeff and Petra Cochran’s Rochester driveway.

Reached by phone a few hours after the balloon landed, Petra Cochran said she was still shook up from the experience but was able to laugh about it as she recounted the tale to a Post Bulletin reporter.

“That was the excitement for the day,” she said.

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The couple, who live on Third Avenue Southeast, less than a mile from the Olmsted County-City Government Center, said no one riding the balloon was injured, but they looked “a little shellshocked.”

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The Cochrans said they had been watching the balloons earlier in the morning and noticed they looked stationary.

Mike Lesmeister, a hot air balloon operator who was not in that balloon, posted on Facebook that the balloon became wind stalled. The pilot of the balloon did not return a call for comment.

Petra said she was upstairs when all of a sudden, her dog started freaking out.

“I looked out, and there was half a balloon hanging out over the house,” she said.

Moments later, a ground crew pulled into the driveway. On its way down, the basket bumped two car roofs in the driveway.

“Their cars are OK,” Jeff said. “It was a soft landing.”

The landing brought neighbors out and caused quite a stir on social media.

Merri Ziebell, who lives a few doors down from where the balloon landed, said she was waking up after having worked an overnight shift when she heard a weird sound similar to drilling or scraping. Ziebell said she looked outside and saw a big balloon.

Jeff Cochran said the balloon appeared to have ripped, but his house was no worse for the experience.

“I thanked him for dropping in,” he said.