KATHRYN, N.D. — Staff at a rural cafe are gradually getting answers after two people ripped an ATM machine right out of their store. Security cameras captured the burglary in action inside City View Fuel in Kathryn at around 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

The video shows a man tying a chain around the ATM. The other end is tied to a dark pickup truck outside. One man is wearing a black hoodie, the other in a gray hoodie. Both are wearing masks and hats with their hoods up, making it difficult to see what they look like.

After stealing the till, the ATM is aggressively pulled out of the store, barreling down the aisle, smacking shelves, shooting out the window. The truck circles back, and the men put the ATM in the truck. Just a few minutes after showing up, the suspects vanished into the night.

"Just unbelievable," described manager Rhonda Smith. One of her employees, Tylar Matthews, was the first show up for work later that day.

"There was a sheriff parked and I just thought he pulled someone over," Matthews. "Then he came up to me and kind of explained to me what happened."

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Staff are now on high alert. Smith said this kind of thing does not happen in what is normally a trusting community.

"We're a small area community cafe that people enjoy coming out for burgers or ice cream," Smith explained. "You just never think something like this is going to happen out here. Really nerveracking to know that we can't trust people anymore."

Deputies are still looking for the suspects in what is still an active investigation. The license plate is well hidden from the cameras, but Smith said they were able to start following tire tread tracks.

Smith said they did find their till. It was burnt up in the middle of a field near Nome, more than ten miles away.

Anyone with information is urged to call local authorities. The LaMoure County Sheriff's office is leading the investigation.