ENDERLIN, N.D. — Friends are raising money for an Enderlin family, as their child begins a long series of treatments for serious burns. A GoFundMe page said Royce got covered in second degree burns after his mattress caught fire Tuesday afternoon.

His mother Shelby is training to be an EMT. She was on the job when they heard her address over the scanner. Tim Owen was the paramedic working alongside her at the time.

"She was here actually during that time as a ride-along, and then she heard her address come out and is like 'hey I got to go,' and I'm like yep, let's go, get on the truck and we're going," Owen said.

He said Royce's mother did an outstanding job handling the emergency, and kept her composure despite her connection to what they were dealing with.

"She was focused on, 'I need to be strong for Royce, for my son.' Because if Mom freaks out, child freaks out. If Mom's calm, it helps calm him down," Owen described.

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The boy's parents are temporarily living in Minneapolis to be with their son. He is expected to spend multiple weeks in a hospital setting, recovering from the burns.

You can visit the GoFundMe page by clicking here.