Organizations across the country are spotlighting the prevalence of infertility for National Infertility Awareness Week.

The nonprofit Everlasting Hope is having daily presentations with professionals and people who have dealt with infertility.

They're the only North Dakota-based infertility awareness organization and they want to teach the community about the prevalence of this disease.

April 18th's discussion was with Davina Fankhauser, the cofounder and executive director of Fertility Within Reach, a nationwide infertility awareness group.

Fankhauser spoke with the founder of Everlasting Hope, Tara Bradner, about getting health insurance companies to cover the cost of treatments. They says that is their number one barrier to care for 33,500 North Dakotans.

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"We want employers to take a look at this issue and realize that they're cost savings attached to adding this benefit. It is not this expensive thing that they are hearing," Fankhauser says.

She says people should look into their companies insurance policies to see if infertility treatments are covered. If they're not, she has some recommendations on how they can bring it up to their bosses.

"Start by asking their HR department a couple of things. One is 'are we self insured or fully insured?' Two, 'have you considered offering fertility benefits?' Three, 'Could we have a further conversation?'" she says.

While many bosses fear the expense being too great for their company to handle, Fankhauser says that's no the case for everyone.

"In talking with insurance brokers, we've found out businesses really want to provide family-friendly benefits and this is one way to do that," Fankhauser said.

Bradner says they're also speaking with people who are still facing fertility issues.

"We're bringing on 4 North Dakota patients who are currently going through infertility because of different reasons, ranging from born with a genetic, cancer, fertility preservation," Bradner says.

Each presentation will be live streamed on Facebook and later saved to Everlasting Hope's YouTube page.

You can find more details on specific times, speakers and topics on the organizations website.