BATTLE LAKE, Minn. — Another summer, another generation of Iowa kids trying to get enough bluegill and rock bass for supper.

A bridge down from Zorbaz — near the Otter Tail Lake boat access — has for years been a hot spot for jumping and swimming. However, due to low water levels, that is not the case this year.

Lidgerwood, N.D., resident Cooper Hinrichs was starting his vacation near the bridge Sunday, July 25. Little did he know he was about to take on the role of a hero.

"I was enjoying some time on the dock with family, having a good time, and we noticed some commotion near the bridge," Hinrichs recalled.

"I saw him, and decided I was the only one who could help, and I just went to help," Hinrichs said.

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Typically this time of year, kids are fishing and jumping off the bridge and floating down the Otter Tail River. But this year, the level is low and with the river's turbulence so high, it has become a danger zone.

"It looked like someone needed help and I checked, they did need help, and so I got in and I could get to him and I grabbed him and got him out of there," Hinrichs said.

Otter Tail County water rescue teams are familiar with the popular bridge spot, but with the water level down more than two feet, the popular swimming area has become a hazard.

"It is what they can't see under the water," Hinrichs said. "There is a gap in the dam that lets the water come under which is where the pressure builds up, they are used to going over the top when it is high."

Hinrichs didn't get too shook-up about the ordeal. He made sure he got the kids to safety, and went about his vacation.

"We won't forget this (summer vacation) that's for sure," Hinrichs said.

The Otter Tail Sheriff's Office is advising vacationers to avoid the dams and bridge diving due to low water levels.