MOORHEAD — Tony Bosch has been living in Moorhead for several years now, but he never thought he'd find anything quite like what he found buried in his front yard.

What started out as a dead spot on his lawn, ended up being a mystery.

Thinking he would just tear the spot up and reseeed, Bosch raked the spot and heard the sound of his rake going over something solid.

"More and more I revealed this structure of concrete and brick and and it's just got to be a bigger and bigger spot," Bosch said.

He took the mystery to his neighbors and posted it on the NextDoor App.

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Bosch posted pictures of the mystery concrete on the Nextdoor app.
Bosch posted pictures of the mystery concrete on the Nextdoor app.WDAY News

Nearly 200 suggestions came quickly, and were varied. Guesses ranged from the foundation for a chimney, to a blacksmith's forge, to less probable ideas — such as a crypt, Pandora's Box and even a time portal.

"People have all kinds of crazy ideas, but I still really don't know what it is," Bosch said. "I have some theories, and there were some really good guesses on there too, as to what it might be. But I'm still at a loss to figure out exactly what it is."

To try and find out, WDAY News took a visit to the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County to see if they would have the answers.

"I really don't know, but what it looks like to me is a barbecue pit," suggested Mark Peihl, archivist for the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.

Peihl says he can't be certain because of the slab's close proximity to the road. So what is the mysterious stone slab? An old foundation? A fire pit? Or something else entirely? For now little is certain, but Bosch said he soon hopes to find out and to stay tuned. He'll continue to post his findings on his Nextdoor App.