MOORHEAD — While the slice of nature might look like a landfill at a glance. Christine Holland with River Keepers brought small groups of volunteers to clean up Snakey Creek, located in north Moorhead's M.B. Johnson Park on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

"This might look like one layer, but it's just layer upon layer," Holland said, peeling off several layers of plastic from a branch sticking out of the creek.

Holland says before the area became public land, the whole place looked like a pile of trash.

"We're getting thousands of pounds of plastic bags out of here," Holland explained. "We've seen what looks like rocks at the bottom of the creek and are actually plastic bags full of mud."

Mostly caked in mud, the bags often break apart as they try to get them out — along with plastic chairs, tires and other light trash. She said it all gets picked up by the wind and blows into the creek.

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"We're working with volunteers who can go up and down some tricky terrain," she said. "You can see the banks are steep. Sometimes it's muddy, it's wet."

While she has enough clean-up volunteers, she believes there are other ways the community can help. Opting to use tote bags instead of plastic grocery bags will keep these urban tumbleweeds out of our trash, and keep them from collecting in places like Snakey Creek.

"That's not good for our little bugs, our fish, our turtles, our deer that are coming down here to drink," Holland said. "They ingest the plastic and it can clog up their system. (Snakey Creek) actually empties into the Red River, which is our drinking water source for Fargo-Moorhead and West Fargo as well."

They are heading out to the creek Tuesday night to pick up more of the junk, hoping to keep Snakey Creek trash free.

While River Keepers has enough people for this project, anyone who wants to volunteer to help with other clean-ups can visit